Testimonials & Our Community Partners

We love who we get to surround ourselves with each day. And we wanted to share some gratitude towards our amazing clients and community partners. You’ll find some of their testimonials below, along with what they get up to in our community, their passions, and what they love about JVM training.


Nasya Cain

I started training with Jeremy Vaughan in April 2018. I wanted to take my health more seriously especially after having a cancer scare that made me realize I need to clean up my act. I was looking for a personal trainer and came across Jeremy’s IG profile and saw that he was doing PT sessions (I had in the past done circuit classes with him at Lululemon).

I was excited to reach out as I liked his style of teaching and his overall personality. We met, and it was a match made in fitness heaven. Which is important as I wanted a trainer I can fully trust with my health, fitness and someone I can be real with.

Fast forward to almost our one year and I’m hooked. I look forward to our twice a week sessions, Jeremy is full of health and wellness knowledge, he literally lights up talking about it and that’s what makes me trust the process. I want someone who knows his stuff. Not only does he talk the talk but he does the walk – he applies all his teachings to his own life which only inspires me to live a fit lifestyle not just physically but mentally.

I am grateful that I get to train with him and hope to do so for a long time coming. 


Kelly henderson

My times with Jeremy are my "look forward to" hours in the week .. I find his unique and specialized approach with PAILS and RAILS and CARS -- is pretty cool.  Who knew how important it was to control, flex and increase that range of motion. He is shaping me every week into a fit and happy mover. I find him to be a great coach - he is focused, meticulous with technique and no shortcuts and he supports all the way through.  I am very lucky to have found him.  He has taught me to approach training with a different mindset - more specific and intentional and more holistic..a huge difference for me.  

about me…I love to move and know how critically important it is as I get older.. I love to cycle and hope with our work together that I will see myself back on the bike consistently this year- look out fondos!!  I have also this past year discovered the value of yoga classes and ensure I build them in to my weekly training routine now.  Life is good!!


Fergus To

I'm a young physician passionate about the Vancouver's incredible outdoor scene, solo travel adventures, photography, and staying fit (mentally and physically).  Despite having worked out regularly since my teens, Jeremy has helped me explore new regimens to push my physical boundaries.  At the end of my busy workday, I'm stoked to workout with him.  He's a fantastic motivator and his outlook on self-improvement is always refreshing.