Corporate Wellness



For companies with fitness facilities within their office, this is an opportunity to offer exclusive and competitively priced private training packages for employees or have us offer our services out of your companies facilities to offer to your employees as a perk. 

Current Partnerships include:

Lululemon Athletica Head Office 

Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) 



Looking to get more engagement through your wellness programs at the workplace for your employees? That both benefit the employee and the company?

This is a great option for companies looking to try a complete wellness partnership that looks at your companies needs, values, culture, and branding to ensure what we bring aligns with what you need. This can be a wide array of services depending on your company size and needs: they include Facility Management, Corporate Wellness Challenges, Quarterly Engagements, Lunch & Learns, Group Movement Sessions, or Corporate Affiliation for Personal Training and Partner Training.

We would love to help your company and it’s employees thrive.

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Whether it's a team-building session or a lunch-hour sweat, I come to your office and provide a diverse and well-rounded class experience. This means plenty of movement prep, body weight movement, and exercises to learn the foundations of movement. From there, we pick up some weights and go after functional movements hitting strength and conditioning exercises. 

Corporate class rates are $80-$100. 


Wanting to build more culture and community in your business? Building out a strategy for your health and wellness program is crucial in building or even maintaining a sense of community in your company. JVM provides strategic input working alongside your company to build out the most effective program for your business needs and working to provide the best you can with the budget you have.

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