Public classes


The Mover: 

This class represents what is lacking in 99% of peoples routines at the moment.
A true focus on mobility, stability, core function, and foundational movement patterns that most have lost due to their work/life environments.  This class is for someone who wants to move better, live with less pain, and be able to move freely again like we did as kids.







Tabata: Fridays @5PM Expect High Intensity Interval training, 20 on/10 off, full body strengthening and conditioning 

TRX Max: Fridays @6PM Expect fun team bonding! 7 teams of 5, 7 stations with a mixture of strength, conditioning, core work, agility and the tunes to match it all.

I first met Jeremy at one of his spin classes at Eastwood Cycle and it was from that class that I witnessed his teaching style first hand-which led me to becoming a regular at Eastwood, but also enlisting his help as a personal trainer to help me complete Tough Mudder in 2016. Tough Mudder was a huge fitness milestone for myself that I never thought was possible. Jeremy’s teaching style was not only innovative and structured, but most of all it was encouraging. It is sometimes daunting starting a fitness journey but one of the things I value about working with Jeremy and why I have continued training with him beyond Tough Mudder is his ability to look at fitness in a holistic way and his willingness to have open dialogue about what works for you.
— Ali H