Hi, I'm Jeremy

I aim to create empowerment in the way we think about our health and wellness by emphasizing the paramount importance of the mind-body connection. With a competitive soccer background and extensive movement education, I have the experience and knowledge to help you reach your movement goals, live the lifestyle you want, and carry the mindset that movement happens in all areas of our life. 

Practice what you Preach. 

Having a competitive athletic background, I know what it takes to train like an Athlete, but what I’ve found through experience is there’s so much more to practice with the body. Combining my knowledge of Strength and Conditioning, my own practice of movement combines traditional strength lifts and athletic conditioning with body weight flow movements that incorporate Mobility, Agility, and Stabilization. I train my body for how I functionally want to live, which embodies a holistic overview.

I take that approach with each client, knowing how unique each individual is when they walk through the door. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, the key is to make sure we work on those weaknesses to ensure long term health in your body including those joints!



It's important to know who's training you has the education to back it up. I am committed to continually learning new techniques and practices to better serve you. 


Diploma in Human Kinetics Exercise Science 

CSEP Personal Training 


FMS Level 1

DNS Exercise Level 1 & 2 

Training Optimization for Strength and Hypertrophy by Christian Thibaudeau

Group Fitness

Olympic Weight Lifting Certification