Whether it's a change in your mobility, or a change in your mindset, this is for you.


Using movement as a driver for change is my life work.

With an emphasis on the impact of mind-body connections,  I have the knowledge and experience to help you reach and maintain peak fitness.







Customized training sessions designed to help you move better. We work together to create a holistic approach to your movement goals, lifestyle and mindset. We'll be health partners. Commit to me and I'll there for you for it all. 



Teams that sweat together, grow together. From the boardroom to the gym, let me help you do your best work. From personal training packages to group classes in-house, we'll find a solution for your company.



From TRX to spin classes, and HIITs to hikes, join the JVM community through public classes and outdoor adventures. 

As a visual effects artist, I am sitting at my desk for about 40 to 60 hours per week. I had my little workout routine but got either too lazy to try out new things or harmed myself by exercising the wrong way. I have to be very careful, since I have a herniated disc and I used to be in slight pain for a while. Then I met Jeremy! Since I started training with him, my core strength and condition has improved a lot. What I respected was that Jeremy got in contact with my physiotherapist to get all the necessary information about my condition prior to any sessions. After a couple of weeks in the gym with him, I was completely painfree again. Jeremy is very friendly and motivating. He constantly comes up with new exercises by adapting to your needs and goals. It can be pretty challenging at times, but he is carefully observing to make sure that posture and execution are correct. I would never be able to push myself that hard. My daily wellness has been consistently improving. Thank you so much!
— Sebastian S